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Elastic pin coupling

Structural features

The elastic pin coupling is a pin made of several non-metallic elastic materials, which is placed in the flange hole of the two halves of the coupling, and the two halves of the coupling are connected by the pin. The coupling has a simple and easy structure. It is more convenient to manufacture, assemble, disassemble and replace the elastic element, without moving the two couplings.

The material of the elastic element (column pin) is generally selected from nylon 6, which has the ability to slightly compensate for the deviation of the two axes. The elastic part is sheared when working, and the working reliability is extremely poor. It is only suitable for the medium-speed transmission shaft system with very low requirements. It is suitable for working conditions with high reliability requirements. For example, the transmission shaft system of the lifting mechanism of hoisting machinery must not be selected. The operating conditions with large offset and the transmission shaft system with low installation accuracy should not be selected, and it is an obsolete type.

The pin in the elastic pin coupling shaft is in shearing and squeezing state when working, and its strength condition is to calculate the shear strength of the cross section of the elastic pin and the squeezing strength of the pin and the pin hole wall.

The elastic pin coupling is suitable for various coaxial transmission systems. It uses the cross-sectional shear strength of the nylon rod to transmit the torque, the nominal torque is 160-160000N.M, and the working temperature is -20℃-80℃.The structure is simple, with cushioning and shock absorption performance and a certain axis offset compensation ability, suitable for use in occasions where noise is not controlled.The allowable compensation amount is 0.15-0.25mm in radial direction and 0.5° in angular direction.