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Oldham coupling

The Oldham coupling is composed of two shaft sleeves and a central slider.The center slider is usually made of engineering plastic as a torque transmission element, and other materials, such as metal materials, can be selected under special circumstances.The central sliding block is connected with the shaft sleeves on both sides by 90° oppositely distributed grooves on both sides, so as to achieve the purpose of transmitting torque.The center sliding block and the shaft sleeve are matched with a slight pressure, which enables the coupling to run with zero clearance during the operation of the equipment.As the use time increases, the slider may lose its recoilless function due to wear, but the center slider is not expensive and easy to replace, and it can still play its original performance after replacement.

Cross slide type shaft coupling is often used in common motors, and can also be used to connect servo motors in some occasions. The relative displacement can be corrected by the sliding of the center slide during use.The slider couplings produced by different manufacturers in the market are not exactly the same.The material of the coupling parts can be 45 steel, and the working surface needs to be heat treated to increase its hardness; Q275 steel can also be used when the requirements are lower, without heat treatment.In order to reduce friction and wear, oil should be injected from the oil hole of the middle plate for lubrication during use.Because the semi-coupling and the intermediate disc form a moving pair and cannot rotate relative to each other, the angular velocity of the driving shaft and the driven shaft should be equal.However, when working with relative displacement between the two shafts, the middle disk will generate a large centrifugal force, which will increase the dynamic load and wear.Therefore, it should be noted that the working speed should not be greater than the specified value when selecting.

In the structural design and series design of the Oldham coupling, the shaft hole range (maximum and minimum shaft hole) and The allowable speed range of the long cross slider coupling of the shaft hole is determined by calculation according to the allowable linear speed and maximum outer edge size of different materials of the coupling.The allowable speed range of Oldham couplings of different materials, varieties and specifications are different. Changing the material of the coupling can increase the allowable speed range of the coupling. The allowable speed range for steel is greater than the allowable speed for cast iron. Use speed.If it is used for the coupling under the working condition of n>5000r/min, the influence factors such as the centrifugal force of the outer edge of the coupling and the deformation of the elastic element should be considered, and the dynamic balance should be carried out.Non-metallic elastic element elastic couplings should not be used at high speeds. When the elastic elements deform at high speeds, high-precision flexible couplings should be used. For high-speed couplings abroad, diaphragm couplings and high-precision drums should be used. Shaped gear coupling.