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 Universal coupling

Cross-shaft universal coupling is the most commonly used coupling among couplings. It is characterized by large angular compensation (β≤5°~45°), compact structure and high transmission efficiency.

In practical applications, it is divided into heavy, medium, light and small according to the transmitted torque.Heavy universal couplings are often used in metallurgical machinery, heavy machinery, petroleum machinery, construction machinery, lifting and transportation machinery, etc.; medium and light universal couplings are often used in automobiles, locomotives and other vehicles and light industrial machinery; small universal couplings Couplings are mainly used to transmit motion, and are generally used in precision machinery and control mechanisms.

The main difference between several large cross universal joints is the change of the bearing seat and the cross fork to form different structural types. In order to ensure the synchronization of the main and driven ends, the double type and double connection method are used in actual applications. For welding or flange connection by bolts.

SWC type integral fork cross shaft universal coupling (JB/T5513—2006)

SWP type split bearing seat cross shaft universal coupling (JB/T3241-2005)

SWZ type integral bearing seat cross shaft universal coupling (JB/T3242-1993)

WS, WSD type small double, single cross shaft universal coupling (JB/T5901—1991)

WSS small telescopic cross shaft universal coupling

SWC type integral fork cross shaft universal coupling

XNUMX. The scope of use

Mainly used for steel rolling machinery, lifting and transporting machinery and other heavy machinery, connecting two transmission shafts with different axes, the rotation diameter is 58 ~ 620mm, the transmission nominal torque is 0.15 ~ 1000kN·m, and the axis bending angle is ≤ 25°.

XNUMX. Structural features

1. Reasonable structure, safe and reliable to use, the use of integral forks eliminates the weak link of bolts pressing the bearing seat (cover), completely avoids the common malignant damage caused by the loose or broken bolts, and the service life is longer than other types The coupling is increased by 30%~50%;

2. High bearing capacity;

3. The transmission efficiency is as high as 98.6%, which is used for high-power transmission, which saves significant energy and can reduce power consumption;

4. Smooth transmission and low noise, the general noise is 30-40dB (A).