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Rigid coupling

Rigid coupling is a torsionally rigid coupling. Even when it is under load, there is no backlash. Even when the load is caused by deviation, the rigid coupling still transmits torque rigidly.

If there is any deviation in the system, it will cause premature damage to the shaft, bearing or coupling, which means that it cannot be used in a high-speed environment because it cannot compensate for the relative displacement between the shafts caused by the high temperature generated by the high-speed operation.Of course, if the relative displacement can be successfully controlled, the rigid coupling can also exert excellent performance in servo system applications.In particular, the small-sized rigid coupling has the advantages of light weight, ultra-low inertia and high sensitivity. In practical applications, the rigid coupling has the advantages of maintenance-free, super oil-resistant and corrosion-resistant.Although people did not approve the use of rigid couplings in servo drives in the past, due to their high torque capacity, rigidity and zero-backlash performance, small aluminum alloy rigid couplings are increasingly used in the field of motion control.

Rigid couplings are divided into flange couplings, radial key flange couplings, sleeve couplings, clamp couplings and parallel shaft couplings. Flange couplings: use bolts to connect the two halves The flange of the shaft is used to realize the coupling of the two shafts. Radial key flange coupling: The coupling sleeve coupling of the two halves of the coupling using radial keys and ordinary bolts: the use of a common sleeve Couplings that connect two shafts in a certain way. Clamping shell coupling: Use two axially split clamps to clamp in a certain way to achieve two-axis connection. Parallel shaft coupling: Use A coupling in which the intermediate disc is connected by a pin to realize the connection of two parallel shafts

1. Light weight, ultra-low inertia and high sensitivity

2. Maintenance-free, super oil and corrosion resistance

3. Aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials

4. Provide fastening bolt type, clamping type and separation type