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JM diaphragm coupling

JM type diaphragm coupling is a representative metal turbulent coupling, which can be used in various mechanical equipment.

Product Details

      The elastic element of the diaphragm coupling is a diaphragm assembly composed of a thin stainless steel diaphragm. The diaphragm usually has a waist shape, a polygonal ring shape, etc., and the precision bolts on the same distribution circle are respectively connected to the driving and driven flanges. Join.The diaphragm assembly bears the misalignment of the driving and driven flange in the form of three-dimensional deformation.

     Detailed Description:

     JM type diaphragm coupling is a representative metal turbulent coupling, which can be used in various mechanical equipment.The diaphragm is made of a special high-strength impermeable steel sheet riveted with a thickness of 0.3-2mm. There are 4-16 reamed holes on it, which are respectively connected with the main and driven flanges by bolts.The diaphragm is under tension, compression, and torsion stress during operation.This kind of coupling has low manufacturing cost, large transmission torque range, good mechanical properties, convenient assembly and disassembly, and low requirements for installation accuracy. It embodies the advantages of disturbing couplings and can be widely used in various fields and adaptability Various working conditions, such as pumps, fans, rolling mills, paper machinery, electric machinery, cement machinery, shipbuilding industry, aerospace, etc.Because of its good vibration damping performance and stable transmission, it has been generally approved and adopted in various industries, especially in the paper industry. It can make your paper more flat, smooth, and greatly improved in quality. It enables you to always be one step ahead. It is also a good choice for power plants, petrochemical plants, cement plants, rolling mills, mines, etc. to carry out technological transformation, substitute imports, and save energy and reduce consumption.

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