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How to improve the life of the coupling

作者: Time: 2019-09-09725 views

      The following is a summary of the most important procedures and precautions recommended to maximize coupling life.Due to the widespread use of couplings, most of these suggestions are familiar to gear coupling users.If requested, more details can be provided.

The correct arrangement is the key to longevity.

The standard coupling can adjust the angle and axial offset, but the lower the working angle, the longer the service life.The installation angle of the coupling should be as small as possible, and laser alignment or other alignment tools should be used to achieve this goal.

Proper lubrication is essential for long life.

1.The coupling should be lubricated with lithium soap grease containing extreme pressure additives.Examples include but are not limited to ESSO Beacon EP and Mobil Temp 78.There are many alternatives to choose from, because almost every grease manufacturer makes greases for this and similar applications.It is very important that different types of grease cannot be mixed, and even different brands of the same grease should be checked for compatibility before use.Please consult us for special applications such as high speed, extreme temperature, extreme humidity or water, etc. for special recommendations.

2.After shrinking and installing the hub on the shaft and positioning the gear sleeve, the cavity between the hub and the sleeve should be greased with a spatula.Coat a thin layer of mortar film on the mating flange surface and tighten the connecting bolts to an appropriate torque. After connecting the half flanges, fill the pipe joints through the grease nipple.When filling through the grease filling port, make sure that the pipe joint is being filled.If it is difficult to fill, remove the grease nipple or plug.Once it is determined that the pipe joints have been filled, replace any grease nipples or plugs that have been removed and tighten them correctly.

4.After the first 3 months of operation, the coupling should be relubricated.Since then, the lubrication interval can be extended to 6 months, but the longest does not exceed 1 year.The lubrication interval should take into account the severity of the operation.

5.When lubricating, completely replace the grease in the coupling.It is best to remove the grease nipple from the nipple used to fill the pipe joint by 180°.Pump in fresh grease until the grease starts to drain from the opening.Once it is determined that the pipe joints have been filled, replace any grease nipples or plugs that have been removed and tightened correctly.

6.Every 8000 hours or 2 years of work, the coupling should be opened, the grease should be thoroughly removed, and replaced with new grease.The flange surface should be cleaned and reconnected as described in point 2 above.