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Maintenance method of cross universal series products

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Maintenance method of cross universal coupling

The cross universal coupling is suitable for transmission and transfer of mechanical shaft systems in metallurgical machinery, heavy machinery, petroleum machinery, construction machinery, lifting and transport machinery, rolling stock, light industrial machinery, fine machinery and control machinery, etc. and other heavy machinery industries. Moment.

The assembly technology of the cross universal coupling: When assembling, remove burrs and clean all parts. When assembling, ensure that the center lines of the two welded fork bearing holes in the middle are on the same plane, and the allowable difference should not exceed 1°. Sliding freely, the joints should be rotated sensitively to clean the surface. Except for the flange end face and the end face keys, apply anti-rust grease, and then apply anti-rust primer once and then spray paint (no paint is allowed).

The maintenance method of the cross universal coupling: regular smoothing, it is recommended to inject oil once a week, and once a day under high temperature conditions.In order to increase the service life of the universal coupling, the cross shaft is adjusted 180 degrees every time it is disassembled so that the cross shaft journals can be used alternately.