bonfiglioli helical gearbox with gear drive

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Zhejiang, China
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bonfiglioli helical gearbox with gear drive

Product Description

XG series shaft mounted gearbox with gear drive with hardened gears have large carrying capacity,smooth transmission,light weight,

low engergy consumption and so on characteristics,input shaft of gearbox with gear drive is connected with motor by belt pulley,output

hollow shaft linked with a key.It could be instead of electric drum to be power source for a belt conveyors and lifting

equipments.It is widely applied in the mining equipments,Concrete mixing batching plant,Stone Crushers,Sand making

production line and other belt conveyor mechanical transmission areas.


XG shaft mounted reducer Output shaftbore Ratio(i) Rated torque XG30 Φ30 7, 10, 12.5 180Nm XG35 Φ35 5,10,15,20,25 420Nm XG40 Φ40 5,10,12.5,15,20,25 900Nm Φ45 XG45 Φ45 5,10,12.5,15,20,25 1400Nm Φ50 Φ55 XG50 Φ50 5,10,12.5,15,20,25 2300Nm Φ55 Φ60 XG60 Φ60 5,10,12.5,15,20,25 3600Nm Φ70 XG70 Φ70 5,10,12.5,15,20,25,31 5100Nm Φ85 XG80 Φ80 5,10,12.5,15,20,25,31 7000Nm Φ100 XG100 Φ100 5,10,12.5,15,20,25,31 11000Nm Φ125 XG125 Φ125 5,10,12.5,15,20,25,31 17000Nm Φ135


TA35 – 35_D – 15

TA40 – 40_D – 15, TA40 – 45

TA45 – 45_D – 15, TA45 – 50, TA45 – 55

TA50 – 50_D – 15, TA50 – 55, TA50 – 60

TA60 – 60_D – 15, TA60 – 70

TA70 – 70_D – 15, TA70 – 85

TA80 – 80_D – 15, TA80 – 100

TA100 – 100_D – 15, TA100 – 125

TA125 – 125_D – 15, TA125 – 135


Packaging & Shipping


1 Q:What infomation should I tell you to confirm the product?

A: Model/Size, Transmission Ratio, Shaft directions & Order quantity.2 Q: What if I don’t know which one I need?A:Don’t worry, Send as much information as you can, our team will help you find the right one you are looking for.3 Q:How long should I wait for the feedback after I send the enquiry?A: Within 12 hours.

4 Q:What is your product warrenty period?

A:We offer one year warrenty since the vessel departure date left China.

5 Q:What industries are your gearboxes being used?

A:Our gearboxes are widely used in the areas of textile, food processing, beverage, chemical industry, escalator,automatic storage equipment, metallurgy, tabacco, environmental protection, logistics and etc.