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Right-Angle China in Matamoros Mexico falk gear coupling sales Shaft in Larkana Pakistan hirth gear price Type Gear Box of Spiral Bevel Gears for General Applications with High Performance and High Efficiency. with top quality lowest price

Right-Angle  China  in   Matamoros Mexico   falk gear coupling sales  Shaft  in   Larkana Pakistan   hirth gear  price  Type Gear Box of Spiral Bevel Gears for General Applications with High Performance and High Efficiency. with top quality lowest price

We – EPG Group the biggest couplings and gears factory in China with 5 different branches. For more details: Mobile/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

Right-angle shaft type gear box of EPT bevel gears for general applications with high performance and high efficiency. Wide variation ranging from small to large capacity. Smooth rotation and silent drive possible, and Easy installation. A full lineup from small-size models to large-size models, for a wide range of applications. These ultra compact bevel gearboxes are designed for the transmission of rotary mechanical power through ninety degrees or split power from one input drive to two or three output drives. They use precision cut EPT bevel gears to deliver a smooth and quiet transmission with an efficiency of up to 98%. While the standard design is suitable for most applications our engineering team can customise units to meet the most arduous of conditions whether inside, outside, on land or subsea.


How Does A Compact Bevel Gearbox Work?

Compact Cubic Gearboxes Videos For Customers Orders

* Malaysia customers bevel 90 degree gearbox 1:1 ratio at 300rpm 600rpm 900rpm 1200rpm 1500rpm speed Video:
https:// /watch?v=MwfmJaiH_4k
* Germany customer spiral-bevel gears 1:1 ratio right angle gearbox with four-way(three output shafts) Video:
https:// /watch?v=wEv8GRmuluo
*  Nigeria client 1:1 90° right angle heavy duty gear box, heavy EPT bevel gear box 3 shafts Video:
https:// /watch?v=5aH9zmhpJy0
* Thailand client bevel gear boxes 3:1 ratio JTP140 90 degree transmission gearbox 3 to 1 Video:
https:// /watch?v=BAXXH7X74kc
* Malaysia customer four 10-ton jacks and four JTP140 gearboxes for motorized worm gear screw lift table Video:
https:// /watch?v=z_GpDOLi6Ek
* Australia client screw jack self locking system with inverted 2.5 ton screw jacks and JTP90 gearboxes Video:
https:// /watch?v=DSXcVQg2FB8
*  France customer four shaft gearbox 1:1 ratio right angle gearbox four way 22mm 90 degree gear drives Video:
https:// /watch?v=aZyIoBF3T7U
*  Indonesia customer reduction gearbox 2:1 ratio right angle EPT bevel gear drive Video:
https:// /watch?v=f-aorIKpP7Q
*  USA customer high speed right angle drive 1:1 ratio 90 degree high speed gear boxes Video:
https:// /watch?v=Lc378SwnMCY
*  Mexico client JTP65 miniature EPT bevel gearbox 1:1 ratio three way testing Video:
https:// /watch?v=K1GmYyQ6tww
*  One input two output gear boxes JTP90 bevel gears 90 gear box dual output Video:
https:// /watch?v=96WMv4VgVtI
*  Brazil client JTP110 Two-way Three-way Right Angle Gearbox 1:1 Ratio Video:
https:// /watch?v=PPYO3A4QB-M
*  India Faridabad customers JTP110 angel gearbox drive 1:1 22mm shaft 90 degree angle gear boxes Video:
https:// /watch?v=Hv9-LEJ_LRc
* Thailand client 90 degree gear drive box,right ange 1:1 ratio gear reducer Video:
https:// /watch?v=aI_b-2AcCDE
* Canada customer acme screw jack 2 ton travel nut with JTP90 right angle gearbox and safety coupling Video:
https:// /watch?v=MZxQMNY3mmE
* Slovenia client 90 degree gearbox 1:1 ratio, right angle gearbox 1 to 1 ratio Video:
https:// /watch?v=C2ji5jDxEtk
* Brazil client bevel 90 degree gearbox 1:1 test video before shipment Video:
https:// /watch?v=QzgTLFLrBlM
* Turkey customer top quality 25 kn 30×6 spindle rotating trapezoidal thread screw jacks 360mm Video:
https:// /watch?v=WE4s9dXZVoQ
* USA customer inverted screw jack 5 ton with 32mm shaft angle gearbox for 3 points lift system Video:
https:// /watch?v=thLyUWLFt80
* Malaysia customer servo motor driven EPT screw lift system with lifting systems accessories Video:
https:// /watch?v=L7BZidOf_o8
* France customer 5ton screw mechanism for manual table lift/worm gear hand crank raise lower platform Video:
https:// /watch?v=pgSYcd8t3-Y
* Belgium Geel client miniature motorized platform lift,screw lift systems mini jacks gearboxes Video:
https:// /watch?v=fJYWw8Rvo3Y
* Queensland Australia client 6-jacks screw jacking systems with accessories for table lift system Video:
https:// /watch?v=a4m3Gb3G-D8
* 100% safety packages & 100% standard exporting plywood cases materials videos:
https:// /watch?v=9Nqe3mE1CyE

Shipment and Packing Pictures 
1. EPT freight: seaport to seaport, price terms CIF, FOB, EXW, CFR etc.
2. Air freight: airport to airport, price terms EXW, CRF etc.
3. Air courier: DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT door to door shipment, price terms DDU, CPT etc.
100% standard exporting plywood cases. 
Note: International Exporting Standard Wooden Material with Free Fumigation.

JACTON Advantages
1. International standard materials for All JACTON brand products. We insist on choosing brand suppliers to supply the high quality raw materials to control the producing process. Optimization constantly the production processes, inspecting in each link and managing production site.
2. 100% quality assured with double quality inspections. The quality inspection by quality inspectors from processing to finished products as the first time. Before packing, the corresponding sales engineers must inspect the orders following the paper drawings, order quantities and special markings in the invoice or sales contracts as the second time. After that, fill in the inspection report with signature and company stamp.
3. 100% safety transportation. Packing with EPT standard export plywood cases materials (free fumigation), inner packing with epe foams to prevent products swaying and outer packing with iron sheets and fasteners to fasten the packages.
4. Internationl sales engineers have professional knowledge and skills on our standard products and service. They have enough ability to solve the basic technical problem immediately whatever by phone, online chat, face to face communications.
5. All the standard products with 2D CAD Drawings (PDF, DWG and DXF formats), and 3D CAD Models (STEP, STP, MODEL, IGS, PRT and CATParT formats).
6. Custom design available, OEM service available, Free engineering advice, Free quotes available and Customer label available.
7. Inspection equipments include motor with inverter drive system, height adjustmemt motorized lifting system, coordinate measuring machines, outside micrometers, inside micrometers, depth calipers, vernier calipers, digital calipers, hardness testers, digital noise meters, industrial infrared thermometers, digital speed measuring instruments, digital multimeters, and high precision clamp digital ammeter etc. 
8. Processing with modern advanced machines such as CNC gear hobbing machines, CNC flank grinding machines, CNC cylindrical grinding machines, multi-axis CNC milling machines, CNC lathes and others equipments.

Finished Projects
1. Theatrical solutions stage and orchestra platform lifts projects. Customers are from France, Australia, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain and Canada. 
2. Hydro EPT power station projects and water conservancy projects. Customers are from Vietnam, Australia, Malaysia, Russian Federation, Nepal, Pakistan, Belgium, United States and United Kingdom. 
3. Aircraft maintenance platforms and docking systems projects. Customers are from Pakistan, Singapore and United Arab Emirates.  
4. Solar panel tracking system projects. Customers are from Spain, India and Canada. 
5. Bolted steel storage tanks and silos lifting solutions. Customers are from South Africa, United States, Mexico, Russian Federation, Brazil and Vietnam. 
6. Dish antenna elevation and azimuth positioning projects. Customers are from Singapore, Malaysia and United States. 
7. Railway wagon projects. Customers are from South Africa. 
8. Beverage can production lines. Customers are from Netherlands, United States, Thailand and Indonesia. 
9. Steel factories production lines. Customers are from Iran, United States and Turkey. 
10. Continuous PU sandwich panel production lines. Customers are from Thailand and United Kingdom.  

JACTON Customers Areas(Countries)
1. American Countries: United States, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Xihu (West Lake) Dis.via, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Aruba, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela.
2. European Countries: Russia, Germany, Turkey, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Czech Republic, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary, Belarus, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Slovakia, Norway, Ireland, Croatia, Georgia, Armenia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Estonia, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Iceland.
3. Asian Countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, India, Nepal, Yemen, ZheJiang , Sri Lanka, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar.
4. Oceanian Countries: Australia, New Zealand, Fiji.
5. African Countries: South Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania. 

JACTON Products List
1. Manual Screw Jacks, EPT Screw Jacks.
2. Screw Jacks Series: JT series acme screw jacks, JTC series cubic screw jacks, JTW series machine screw jacks, JTM series worm screw jacks, JTB series ball screw jacks, JTD series cubic ball screw jacks, JSS series stainless steel screw jacks, JTS series bevel gear screw jacks, Non-standard series screw jacks. 
3. Bevel Gearboxes Series: JT series bevel gearboxes, JTP series cubic bevel gearboxes, JTA series aluminum bevel gearboxes, JTH series hollow shaft bevel gearboxes, BSS series stainless steel bevel gearboxes.  
4. Lifting Systems and Systems Accessories: two-jacks systems, three-jacks systems, four-jacks systems, six-jacks systems, eight-jacks systems. Accessories cover couplings, universal joints, cardan shafts, connecting shafts, EPT motors, geared motors and reducers, hand wheel with crank handles, pillow block bearings, flange block bearings, rod end bearings, stop nuts, limit switches, safety nut, travel nuts, linear shafts and bearings, linear guides and bearings, telescopic spring covers, bellows boot, protective tube, trunnion adapter plates, trunnion mounting brackets, motor flanges, rotary encoders, potentiometers, frequency inverters and position indicators etc.
5. EPT Linear Actuators Series: Parallel heavy duty linear actuators, In-line heavy duty linear actuators.
6. Geared Motors and Speed Reducers Series: helical gearmotors R series, helical bevel gearmotors K series, parallel shaft helical gearmotors F series, helical worm gearmotors S series, small AC gear motor series and worm gear motor reducer series.

Contact Information
JACTON Industry Co.,Ltd (VAT No.: 9144190007026567X3, registered Capital 500000CNY) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Screw Jacks (Mechanical Actuators), Bevel Gearboxes, Lifting Systems, EPT Linear Actuators, Gearmotors and Speed Reducers, and Others Linear Motion and Power Transmission Products in China. We are Alibaba, Made-In-China and SGS (Serial NO.: QIP-ASI192186) audited manufacturer and supplier. We also have a strict quality system, with senior engineers, experienced skilled workers and practiced sales teams, we consistently provide the high quality equipments to meet the customers electro-mechanical actuation, lifting and positioning needs. JACTON Industry guarantees quality, reliability, performance and value for today’s demanding industrial applications.
Website (English):
Website (English):
Website (Chinese): cn

The use of original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) part numbers or trademarks , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference purposes only and for indicating product use and compatibility. Our company and the listed EPT parts contained herein are not sponsored, approved, or manufactured by the OEM.


Right-Angle  China  in   Matamoros Mexico   falk gear coupling sales  Shaft  in   Larkana Pakistan   hirth gear  price  Type Gear Box of Spiral Bevel Gears for General Applications with High Performance and High Efficiency. with top quality lowest price

Flange China in Antipolo Philippines dodge gear coupling near me Type in Ekurhuleni South Africa falk 1020g20 supplier Universal Coupling Pto Shaft Coupling for Sale with top quality lowest price

Flange  China  in   Antipolo Philippines   dodge gear coupling  near me  Type  in   Ekurhuleni South Africa   falk 1020g20  supplier  Universal Coupling Pto Shaft Coupling for Sale with top quality lowest price

We – EPG Group the largest couplings and gears manufacturing facility in China with five diverse branches. For far more information: Cellular/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828 /

Bellows couplings are a single of the most popular types of EPG flexible couplings. Bellows couplings link shafts that want a lot more adaptability or are not linear in their alignment. China flender zapex zw gear coupling EPG was awarded with “well-known merchandise of Zhejiang Province” and “renowned model of Zhejiang Province”.

Merchandise Description

Our firm focus in creating all kinds of internal and exterior gear,substantial precision use-resistant worm wheel,worm,internal and outer spline.

Item Name Flamge
Content 40Cr,42CrMo,20CrMnTi,20CrNiMo,forty five#,and so forth
Processing Method CNC machining, Shaving m, Hobbing grinding, chamfering etc.
Dimension Customer Drawings & ISO standard 
Standard Non-common
Edge Assured quality , Best services, Competitive prices, Fast delivery
Utilized developing industry machinery,Car parts,truck,tractor,ship,elevators

Solution attributes of flange/equipment couplings
1. High Transmission Performance Can Reach ninety nine.seven%
2. Substantial Loading Capacity: With the same exterior dimension, the loading capability is fifteen%~twenty% averagely larger than that of straight-tooth coupling
three. Big Angular Compensation: The maximum allowable angular misalignment is one.5°, 50% greater than that of straight-tooth coupling
four. Far more Scientific Gear Tooth Layout: It avoids regional stress concentration triggered by straight tooth edge extrusion, and tooth surface area friction is eased at the identical time.
5. Gear tooth of external equipment sleeve is horn-formed, which can make it simple to install and dismantle.
6. Prolonged Support Daily life: The interior and external gear teeth are created of large toughness alloy metal. Right after quenched-tempered heat remedy, equipment teeth rigidity and dress in resistance are improved. 

Relevant Merchandise


Our firm specialize in creating all sorts of internal and external equipment, higher precision spline shaft and gear shaft. We are looking forward to the cooperation with you, and we feel that we will be your excellent option.

Business Info
Jiangyin Yongxing Machinery Production Co., Ltd. was started in 1980. We are specialised in precision parts and components machining, which are utilized in electronics, automotive elements, astronautical areas, healthcare appliances and hand instrument industries. We supply a range of layout and production such as personalized CNC machining, CNC machined elements, non-common device parts, machined casting Areas and precision turned parts. The resources of components parts include steel, stainless metal, brass, aluminum and plastic. If you are intrigued in any of our products, remember to truly feel totally free to contact us. We are searching forward to the cooperation with you, and we feel that we will be your ideal choice.

Our company has a single of the most stringent quality handle systems,from our feed testingand product inspection to the closing inspection process.Rigorous good quality procedure control and management ensurus merchandise quality and accountabilty.

1)Are you buying and selling organization or company?
We are manufacturing facility.
two)How can I customise my merchandise?
Connect your drawing with particulars(surface area treatment,substance,quantity and unique demands and so on.)
3)How extended can I get the quotation?
We will give you the quotation inside forty eight several hours(contemplating the time difference)
4)How long will you generate the areas?
Generally it is 5-10 times if the merchandise are in stock. Or it is 15-twenty five times if the merchandise are not in inventory, it truly is in accordance to amount.
five)Do you give samples? Is it free of charge or additional?
Sure, we could offer the sample, the samples and shipping expenses require to be borne by the customer.
6)What is your phrases of payment?
Payment≤1000 USD, 100% in progress. Payment≥1000 USD, 30% T/T in progress, equilibrium prior to shipment. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
7)What if the goods we gained are not great?
Make contact with us with no hesitation, our unique soon after-revenue services will just take the accountability.

/ The use of unique gear manufacturer’s (OEM) element figures or trademarks , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference functions only and for indicating product use and compatibility. Our organization and the listed substitution elements contained herein are not sponsored, accredited, or created by the OEM. /

Flange  China  in   Antipolo Philippines   dodge gear coupling  near me  Type  in   Ekurhuleni South Africa   falk 1020g20  supplier  Universal Coupling Pto Shaft Coupling for Sale with top quality lowest price

Wgt China in Zanzibar United Republic of Tanzania maina coupling near me Type in Seongnam Republic of Korea falk gear coupling near me Flexible Drum Gear Coupling with top quality lowest price

Wgt  China  in   Zanzibar United Republic of Tanzania   maina coupling  near me  Type  in   Seongnam Republic of Korea   falk gear coupling  near me  Flexible Drum Gear Coupling with top quality lowest price

We – EPG Team the greatest couplings and gears manufacturing unit in China with 5 diverse branches. For much more specifics: Cellular/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828 /

To assemble adaptable shaft couplings, procedures like electroforming, chemical deposition, mechanical forming, and welding can all be utilized.Electroforming is a procedure in the course of which makers include levels of metal to a piece of a mandrel until finally the couple reaches the excellent thickness. Chemical deposition is a related method, apart from that makers deposit the components via electrodeposition. Roll-forming is a continuous shaping process that requires shaping steel by means of contoured forming rolls. It is quite widespread. Extrusion is yet another common machining approach for manufacturers who execute mechanical forming. It requires feeding metallic inventory by way of a formed die so that it takes on the condition of that die. automated gearbox coupling With several years’ experience in these lines, we have been distinguished from other suppliers in China by our benefits in competitive pricing, on-time shipping, prompt responses, on-hand engineering assistance and excellent soon after-income solutions. Drum Equipment Coupling with Intermediate Sleeve &lparWGT&rpar
Gear coupling is composed of an interior equipment ring and an outer gear with the same amount of tooth&commaand a large clearance in between the interior and outer teeth&commaso that there would be a more substantial displacement the coupling drive shaft be connected and be capable to withstand increased load&time period
WGT sort intermediate sleeve drumgear coupling belongs to versatile coupling&comma specially suited for reduced speed and hefty load problem&comma this kind of as metallurgy&comma mining&comma lifting&comma transportation and other industries are also relevant to the generate shaft oil and chemical market&comma basic equipment and other sorts of equipment&time period
The attributes of the drum formed equipment coupling &lparcompared with the straight toothed coupling&rpar&colon
one&periodStrong carrying capacity
two&periodLarge angular displacement compensation
3&periodThe tooth conclude of the outer tooth sleeve is in a horn form&comma and the internal and outer tooth are hassle-free to put in and eliminate&interval
4&periodHigh transmission efficiency

NO&time period Tn
        I              II
   d1    d2        L
    Y     J1
D D1 D2 D3 D4 B B1 F H
C C    kg
 I     II
WGT1 800 &period008    0&period0063 twelve-forty two 32-112 122 one hundred fifteen 98 88 60 fifty eight 50 30 75 three three twelve 5&period66  4&period86
WGT2 1400 &period021    0&period09 22-56 52-112 one hundred fifty one hundred forty five 118 108 seventy seven sixty eight 52 30 eighty three 3 16 nine&period78  7&period48
WGT3 2800 &period047    0&period033 22-63 52-142 a hundred and seventy a hundred sixty five one hundred forty a hundred twenty five ninety eighty fifty four thirty 80 three 3 16 sixteen&period7  12&period2
WGT4 5000 &period098    0&period073 30-eighty 82172 two hundred 195 160 a hundred forty five 112 90 fifty eight thirty 100 3 3 17 twenty five&period6  19&period6
WGT5 8000 &period175    0&period126 30-ninety 82-172 225 215 a hundred and eighty 168 128 100 sixty three thirty one hundred 3 3 19 35      26&period1
WGT6 11200 &period295    0&period213 32-one hundred 82-212 245 230 200 185 one hundred forty five 112 67 thirty a hundred 5 5 20 51&period6  38&period0
WGT7 16000 &period53      0&period35 32-one hundred ten eighty two-212 272 265 230 210 160 122 74 thirty 120 five five twenty 68&period6  45&period0
WGT8 22400 &period71      0&period46 fifty five-125 107-212 290 272 245 225 176 136 eighty one thirty one hundred twenty five 5 20 seventy nine&period5   55&period8
WGT9 28000 one&period05      0&period77 60-one hundred forty 107-252 315 305 265 245 190 140 88 30 155 5 5 28 106&period5   eighty&period5
WGT10 45000 one&period87      1&period54 75-a hundred and sixty 132-302 355 340 three hundred 280 225 165 98 30 one hundred fifty five 5 5 28 158&period8   121&period8
WGT11 63000 3&period71      2&period82 85-a hundred and eighty 167-302 412 385 345 325 256 a hundred and eighty 112 40 175 eight eight 32 216&period6   169&period6
WGT12 90000 six&period48      4&period84 120-200 167-352 440 435 375 360 288 210 a hundred twenty five forty 205 8 eight 32 305&period3   245&period3
WGT13 125000 ten&period58    7&period9 one hundred forty-220 202-352 490 480 425 four hundred 320 235 136 50 205 8 eight 32 394&period5   313&period5
WGT14 180000 seventeen&period72    13&period78 a hundred and sixty-260 242-410 545 540 462 440 362 265 158 50 240 ten 10 ten 529&period5   430&period5
WGT15 250000 25&period25 one hundred sixty-280 242-470 580 488 385 280 fifty 240 10 10 684&period5   
WGT16 315000 forty three&period7 180-300 242-470 650 560 440 300 50 240 12 twelve 948&period2
WGT17 400000 fifty seven&period37 two hundred-320 282-470 690 600 460 325 fifty 280 12 12 1059
WGT18 500000 fifty nine&period37 220-360 282-550 750 650 510 350 60 280 12 12 1399
WGT19 630000 one hundred ten&period2 240-380 330-550 775 690 535 372 60 350 12 twelve 1544
WGT20 800000 166&period1 260-four hundred 330-650 825 730 580 392&period5 sixty 350 fourteen 14 2099
WGT21 900000 242&period7 280-440 380-650 925 825 620 405 60 350 14 fourteen 2482
WGT22 a million 299&period2 320-460 380-650 950 850 665 410 60 400 fourteen fourteen 2797
WGT23 1120000 388&period8 360-five hundred 450-650 1030 900 710 440 sixty 400 14 14 3183
WGT24 1400000 482 380-520 450-800 1060 925 730 450 70 four hundred 14 sixteen 3801

Our organization supplies distinct kinds of goods&period of time Higher quality and reasonable price&interval We adhere to the principle of “top quality very first&comma services very first&comma steady enhancement and innovation to fulfill the buyers” for the management and “zero defect&comma zero complaints” as the top quality objective&time period To best our services&comma we give the merchandise with good quality at the affordable cost&time period

Our Solutions
24 hours on the internet provider
Enquiry will be replied in 2 hours
Manufacturing facility Address&colon
No&period eleven&comma Fuyang Highway&comma ChengNan Industrial Park&comma Jingjiang&comma Taizhou&comma Jiangsu&comma China
one&interval Are u a company&quest
We are a skilled company specializing in production cardan shaft and various collection of couplings&period of time We provide couplings for the wholesalers and sellers from distinct countries&period 
two&period of time Can you do OEM&quest
 Yes&comma we can&time period We can do OEM & ODM for all the buyers with personalized artworks of PDF or AI format&interval
three&time period How does your manufacturing facility do with regards to quality handle&quest
Quality is priority&excl We constantly attach fantastic relevance to good quality managing from the extremely beginning to the very conclude&colon 
1&rpar Firstly&comma we have specialised QC section to handle the good quality&comma and we also accept the third official authorities to examine the cargoes before shipping and delivery&time period
two&rpar Secondly&comma we have all thorough data for nonconformity goods&comma then we will make summary according to these information&comma avoid it take place once more&period of time
3&rpar Thirdly&comma We do notice the related codes of carry out & rules from authorities in surroundings&comma human right elements like no youngsters labor&comma no prisoner labor and so on&period
 4&period How can I get samples&quest
We are appreciated that new clients shell out for the express payment for samples and this cost will be deducted when orders are unveiled&period of time

Welcome to customize items from our manufacturing unit and please supply your style drawings or make contact with us if you require other demands&interval


/ The use of unique tools manufacturer’s (OEM) element quantities or logos , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference needs only and for indicating solution use and compatibility. Our business and the shown substitute components contained herein are not sponsored, approved, or produced by the OEM. /

Wgt  China  in   Zanzibar United Republic of Tanzania   maina coupling  near me  Type  in   Seongnam Republic of Korea   falk gear coupling  near me  Flexible Drum Gear Coupling with top quality lowest price