Straub Type Open-Flex Pipe Repair Couplings

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Beijing, China
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Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel
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Grip Pipe Coupling

Features & Benefits

GRIP pipe couplings offer you an easy to install, time saving and money saving solution. GRIP pipe couplings allow pipes to be joined without the need for flanging, grooving, threading or welding. By simply butting two pipes together and connecting with a GRIP pipe coupling, space, weight , time and cost savings are achieved with every installation .

Benefits of GRIP Couplings

  • 1.Universal use
  • lCompatible with any traditional jointing system

    lJoins pipes of the same or dissimilar materials

    lQuick and simple repairs of damaged pipes without service interruptions

  • 2.Reliable
  • lStress-free, flexible pipe joint

    lCompensates axial movement and angular deflection

    lPressure-resistant and leak-proof even with inaccurate pipe assembly

  • 3.Easy handling
  • lDetachable and reusable

    lMaintenance free and trouble free

    lNo time-consuming alignment and fitting work

    lEasy installation technology

  • 4.Durable
  • lProgressive sealing effect

    lProgressive anchoring effect

    lCorrosion resistant and temperature resistant

    lGood resistant to chemicals

    lLong service time

  • 5.Space-saving
  • lCompact design for space-saving installation of pipes

    lLight weight

    lNeeds little space

  • 6.Fast and Safe
  • lEasy installation, no fire or explosion hazard during installation

    lNo cost for protective measures

    lAbsorbs vibration /oscillations


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    Material Selection Chart:

    Components Material Casing AISI304 AISI316L AISI316TI AISI316L AISI316TI Bolts AISI304 AISI316L AISI316L AISI304 AISI304 Bars AISI304 AISI316L AISI316L AISI304 AISI304 Stripinsert(optional) AISI301 AISI301 AISI301 AISI301 AISI301

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    All of proudcts are ISO9001:2008 certified and DNV CCS approved.

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    Q: Are you a manufacturer or agent?A: We are a professionaol pipe fittings manufacturer in Beijing. With over 1500 square meters workshop, 60 skilled workers,advanced process equipment,we provide high quality and various pipe fittings, from stainless steel pipe couplings and clamps to forged steelvictualiccoupling, we can provide almost all pipe couplings you need.

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