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UL tire coupling is a highly elastic coupling with good shock absorption and excellent performance of offset compensation between shafts. The working temperature is -20~80 degrees Celsius, and the transmission torque is 10~20000N.M. It is suitable for wet, dusty, shock, vibration, forward and reverse changing and frequent starting working conditions, and it is easy to disassemble and assemble, because the elastic element is an integral tire body, which is convenient for disassembly and maintenance, does not require lubrication, and is durable and reliable. .

The standard half-coupling structure is type K, which can no longer be marked in the display.

The rubber element (tire body) and the metal pressure plate are vulcanized and bonded together, and the two halves of the coupling are directly connected with bolts during assembly  

Flexible, large damping, large compensation  

Simple structure, easy assembly, no need to move the coupling axially when changing the tire body  

Disadvantages: As the torsion angle increases, considerable axial force will be generated on the driving and driven shafts

Basic parameters and main dimensions of UL tire coupling 

43 modelAllowable torque
           N · m
           Rotating speed
           r / min
Diameter of shaft holeLength of shaft holeDB质量
Moment of inertia I
J, J1Y
UL11031.5500011-18 22-30 25-42 80200.70.0003
UL22580500014-22 27-38 32-52 100261.20.0008
UL363180450018-25 30-44 42-62 120321.80.0022
UL4100315430020-30 38-60 52-82 140383.00.0044
UL5160500400024-35 38-60 52-82 160454.60.0084
UL6250710360028-40 44-84 62-112 180507.10.0164
UL7315900320032-48 60-84 82-112 2005610.90.0290
UL84001250300038-50 60-84 82-112 2206313.00.0448
UL96301800280042-60 84-107 112-142 2507120.00.0898
UL108002240240045-70 84-107 112-142 2808030.60.1596
UL1110002500210050-75 84-107 112-142 32090390.2792
UL1216004000200055-85 84-132 112-172 360100590.5356
UL1325006300180063-95 107-132 142-172 400110810.8960
UL14400010000160075-110 107-167 142-212 4801301452.2616
UL15630014000120085-125 132-167 172-212 5601502224.6456
UL1610000200001000100-140 167-202 212-252 6301803028.0924
UL171600031500900120-160 167-242 212-302 75021056120.0176
UL182500059000800140-180 202-242 252-302 90025081843.0530