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Precautions for installation of diaphragm coupling

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  If there is an error in the assembly of the coupling, the vibration value of the equipment will exceed the standard, especially the high-speed equipment, which will seriously threaten the normal operation of the equipment.

      Precautions for installation of diaphragm coupling

  1.Please install protective covers and other devices around the coupling to ensure safety.

  2.Products with diaphragms have edges and may cause injuries. It is recommended to wear thick gloves when installing.

  3. The allowable axis deviation of Lingsi diaphragm coupling includes radial, angular and axial deviation. When installing, please adjust to ensure that the axis deviation is within the allowable value range of the corresponding product catalog. 

  4. In order to extend the service life of the coupling, it is recommended to set the axis deviation within 1/3 of the allowable value.

      5. When multiple deviations occur at the same time, the corresponding allowable value should be halved.

  6. Tighten the screws after inserting the mounting shaft, otherwise it will cause the coupling to deform. When tightening the screws, please use a torque wrench, do not use screws other than accessories for installation.

  7. If there is an abnormal sound during operation, please stop the operation immediately and check the installation accuracy.

  8.When the shaft deviation exceeds the allowable value during installation, the coupling may be deformed, resulting in damage or shortened service life.

  Check the looseness of the screws separately. It is recommended to apply adhesive on the outer surface of the screws after installation and commissioning to increase the protection performance.