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What are the common coupling fixing methods?

作者: Time: 2019-07-02683 views

What are the common coupling fixing methods?

Fixed screw

The two positioning screws are spaced at 90° to tighten the fixed shaft. This is a traditional fixing method. The contact between the front end of the screw and the shaft may cause damage to the shaft or difficulty in assembly and disassembly.

Keyway fixed

This type, like the fastening bolt type, is the most traditional fixing method. It is suitable for higher torque transmission. To prevent axial movement, it is usually used together with the fastening bolt type and the clamping type.

Clamping screw fixed

The tightening force of the countersunk bolt is used to shrink the slit and clamp the shaft tightly.It is convenient to fix and disassemble, and will not damage the axis of Qiancheng.

Expansion sleeve fixed

Tighten the four positioning screws on the end of the coupling to compress the account cover and fix it, which is suitable for the connection and fixation of some stepper motors and servo motors with large torque, such as expansion sleeve diaphragm couplings and expansion sleeve plum couplings. , Expansion sleeve bellows coupling, expansion sleeve elastic coupling, etc.