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A complete range of coupling manufacturers

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Ever-Power coupling is a very professional coupling manufacturer with many years of production and design experience, the company can provide you with small couplings

, Diaphragm coupling, rubber coupling, and various elastic coupling models. In terms of models, there are comprehensive universal coupling models, elastic

Our company will try our best to solve the problem of mechanical transmission for you, and provide you with the purchase plan suitable for you.


There are hundreds of coupling models produced, and various national standard and non-standard couplings are provided.For some customers, it is clear that the production

The coupling type used in, but some customers are not very familiar with their own needs, or what type of coupling to use

The coupling as a transmission is not clear.There are various types of couplings on the market, including plum couplings and cross cardan shaft couplings.

, Drum gear couplings, elastic couplings, pin couplings, rigid couplings, etc. In addition, we also provide couplings

Non-standard design and customization.Mainly used in printing and packaging machinery, textile machinery, injection molding machinery, engineering machinery, refrigeration equipment, metallurgy

Various power equipment fields such as gold, chemical industry, fan, pump industry, automation equipment and so on.The company's products are well received by customers!The company starts with "

The slogan is technological innovation, excellence, and excellence, and adheres to the development path of "integrity-based".