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Plum-shaped elastic series

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The elastic element of the quincunx-shaped elastic coupling is similar to the quincunx shape. The coupling has the properties of compensating for the relative deviation of the two shafts, damping, and cushioning, small diameter, simple structure, no lubrication, high carrying capacity, easy maintenance, and replacement of the elastic element. Axial movement, suitable for connecting coaxial lines, frequent starting, forward and reverse changes, medium speed, medium torque and other transmission shaft systems and working parts that require high working reliability.It is not suitable for low-speed, heavy-duty and limited axial dimensions where it is difficult to align the two shafts after replacing the elastic element.The plum-shaped elastic coupling is processed by machining methods such as turning, milling, and broaching, and then undergoes overall heat treatment to ensure sufficient strength.
The quincunx elastic coupling has a good balance performance and is suitable for high-speed applications (the maximum speed can reach 30000 rpm), but it cannot handle large deviations, especially axial deviations.Larger eccentricity and deflection angle will produce a larger bearing load than other servo couplings.Another value of concern is the failure of the quincunx elastic coupling.Once the quincunx elastic spacer is damaged or fails, the torque transmission will not be interrupted, and the metal claws of the two shaft sleeves mesh together to continue to transmit the torque, which is likely to cause problems in the system.Choosing the appropriate plum blossom elastic spacer material according to the actual application is a major advantage of this coupling. The different hardness and temperature tolerance allow customers to choose the appropriate material to meet the performance standards of the actual application.
The materials of the elastic elements of the plum blossom elastic coupling are polyurethane and cast nylon.According to different working conditions, choose different materials, such as fans, water pumps, light industry, textiles, etc. When the work is stable and the load changes little, polyurethane can be selected.The price difference between the two materials is large. The structure is simple, the radial size is small, the weight is light, and the moment of inertia is small. It is suitable for medium and high speed applications. The plum-shaped elastic coupling is stable and reliable, and has good vibration damping, buffering and electrical insulation properties. .The quincunx elastic coupling has large axial, radial and angular compensation capabilities. The quincunx elastic coupling has high-strength polyurethane elastic elements that are wear-resistant and oil-resistant, have large load-bearing capacity, long service life, and reliability. No coupling is required. Lubrication, low maintenance workload, continuous long-term operation.
After the installation of the quincunx elastic coupling is completed, the inspector should comprehensively check the accuracy of the installation position in order to determine the reliability of each fastener.Before the reducer is running, once it is installed improperly, it will increase the load, which can eliminate the additional load between the shafts during the automatic control of the motor and improve the sensitivity, which is unmatched by other couplings.The output bearing is subject to a larger radial load, and a reinforced type should also be selected.It is easy to cause damage to the bearing and even break the output shaft.
Plum coupling is a kind of elastic coupling, widely used in the transmission field of pulverized coal machine, with large dosage, simple use and low price, and is widely loved by customers.The materials are mainly cast steel and 45# steel; the connection forms include keyway connection, set screw connection, clamping connection, or a combination of two forms of connection.Axial plug-in installation.If radial installation is required, it can be made into a flange type to transmit power through the extrusion between the protruding claw and the elastic ring, and the relative deviation of the two shafts can be compensated by the elastic deformation of the elastic ring to achieve damping and buffering.There are many types to choose from, such as keyway type, clamping type, extended type, flange type and so on.
Plum blossom elastomers are generally composed of engineering plastics or rubber.Since the elastic body is under compression, it is obviously under tension.The life of the general elastomer is 10 years.Because elasticity has the function of buffering and damping vibration, it is used more in situations with strong vibration.The performance temperature of the elastomer determines the operating temperature of the coupling, which is generally -35 to +80 degrees.