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​Problems prone to coupling installation

作者: Time: 2019-07-05703 views

Problems prone to coupling installation:

1. The axis of the coupling is skewed, and the coupling can't advance: To prevent such incidents, in addition to correcting the axis, the orientation of the coupling hole and the shaft, and the orientation of the striker, you must also be careful. , The direction of the hitting point should be selected, the first and second hits should be light, and only after a certain distance (about 1/3) of the person is entered, the force can be slammed.

3. When precision parts such as bearings and mechanical seals have been installed on the main shaft beforehand, stop strong impact and impact on the coupling to prevent damage or damage to the precision parts.

2. Other common problems: Retreat due to the improper orientation of the bumper pulley, sliding down of the hoist chain, lack of fuel, fire, etc., all should be paid attention to in advance and carefully checked during the preparation and operation of the equipment.